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Truman Capote

To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music the words make.

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John Locke

I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.

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Studc Scholarship

Terms of Reference




This scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student wishing to attend and participate in the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (CUMC).




n  Must be an undergraduate student studying at a Canadian university

n  Must be studying mathematics or a related discipline

n  Must be a Canadian citizen

n  Must present a poster or talk at the CUMC

n  Preference given to applicants who are active within their university and the mathematical community







$500; one scholarship awarded per year




Applicants should forward a complete application to the email address listed below. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Files must be doc or pdf format. An application package must contain and is limited to the following documents:

n  A Curriculum Vitae

n  A statement of intent (no more than 250 words)

n  The name, position, and university of the author of the reference letter

n  One reference letter sent directly by the author; must be sent from the author’s university email account





March 31st of each year. The award recipient will be announce the following April 15th and will receive written notification soon afterward.









CMS Student Committee •


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Tujuh Kiat Agar Anak Meneladani Akhlak Nabi Muhammad SAW

Selasa, 07 Pebruari 2012 07:45 WIB

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Berusaha mencontoh perilaku Nabi Muhammad dalam kehidupan sehari-hari adalah salah satu wujud bahwa kita mencintai dan menghormati Rasul Allah tersebut. Perilaku tersebut sudah semestinya dimulai sejak usia dini. Berikut ini tujuh kiat mengajarkan anak agar mengingat dan mencontoh perilaku Rasulullah.

1. Satu Kebaikan Sehari

Membiasakan anak melakukan satu perbuatan baik dalam satu hari merupakan langkah awal untuk memulai hari. Mulai dengan hal kecil, misalnya tersenyum saat bertemu dengan kerabat. Jika ini dilakukan setiap hari akan membiasakan anak terhadap perbuatan baik seperti yang dilakukan Rasulullah. Orangtua dituntut untuk kreatif dalam hal ini. Bisa juga meminta anak untuk membantu tetangga. Jika anak sudah terbiasa, tingkatkan dengan ‘dua kebaikan dalam sehari’ dan seterusnya.


2. Membacakan cerita tentang kehidupan Nabi Muhammad SAW sebelum tidur.

Mendengarkan cerita mengenai Rasulullah membantu anak menyerap pesan dari cerita-cerita tersebut.


3. Bepergian ke Luar Negeri

Tentu hal ini bukan menjadi suatu kewajiban. Jika kebetulan anda memiliki waktu dan dana lebih, tak ada salahnya melakukan tips yang satu ini. Cari informasi sebanyak-banyaknya mengenai latar belakang dan bahasa negara yang akan anda kunjungi. Jangan ragu mengeksplorasi kebudayaan setempat. Mengetahui bahwa dunia terdiri dari berbagai macam latar belakang budaya, mampu menumbuhkan rasa kemanusiaan dan menghargai orang dari budaya yng berbeda dalam diri anak.

 4. Bergaul dengan Anak yatim

Nabi sangat mencintai umatnya yang mengasihi anak yatim. Bahkan, membelai rambut anak yatim mendatangkan keberkahan tersendiri. Ajak anak mengunjungi panti asuhan dan ikutkan dia dalam kegiatan di panti. Contoh kegiatan yang bisa dilakukan anak anda, misalnya, mengajar anak yatim atau membantu menggalang dana bagi mereka. Anak juga bisa diajak mengatur suatu perjalanan wisata bersama dengan anak yatim.

 5. Membaca Alquran dan Tafsirnya

Membaca Alquran dan tafsirnya membantu anak mengerti makna dibalik setiap surat yang dibaca.

6. Biasakan Anak Selalu Berdoa

Ajarkan anak agar selalu berdoa dimanapun dan kapanpun. Dengan berdoa, membantu anak agar selalu mengingat Allah dan anak kita senantiasa berada dalam perlindungan Allah. Insya Allah.


7. Bertemu Teman di Masjid

Nabi menjadikan masjid sebagai tempat pertemuan dan bersosialisasi dengan umatnya. Jadikan masjid sebagai tempat anak bertemu dengan teman-temannya. Selain shalat dan membaca Alquran, tak ada salahnya bagi anak untuk membawa buku cerita favoritnya. Anak yang nyaman saat berada di masjid akan memiliki kehidupan sosial yang baik

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The Four Swords to Win This Competitive Era


WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT, the world today is a more competitive place. A lot of pressures will be our daily views, since the winner could continue life, & the loser must be extinct. It’s no wonder that stress levels and depression are at an all-time high. In order to be able to face this, we must have & boost our “Personal Brilliances”. These are natural gifts that can be enhanced with practice and exercise. To enhance them, there are four catalysts that will be the cornerstones for our journey in this era, they are awareness, curiosity, focus, and Initiative.

Awareness involves self-awareness first (the hardest part), then being conscious of your environment, and being cognizant of the actual problem at hand. As you generate an awareness of a particular issue or challenge, it has to really become a part of you. In conversations you have with others, you bring up this issue or challenge (verbally or nonverbally). The issue is just below the surface when you’re reading a book or article. You think about it subconsciously in everything you do.  

If a chess master can see ten moves ahead and an opponent can see only three moves ahead we can easily predict the winner. A businessperson considering a new deal is much more effective when her power of awareness allows a view of the many variables inherent in the deal. A father’s awareness can make all the difference in preventing or addressing his teenager’s drug experimentation.

Each conversation and interaction provides you with more to think about. You develop a curiosity as you think, looking in many different arenas for insights. You pay attention to all aspects of your life with this filter, seeking to solvethe problem. You look at the obvious things, but your curiosity helps you go deeper. The following list is a recap of the techniques you can use to heighten your curiosity.

  • Try new things. Even if they don’t work out, you’ll learn lessons to apply elsewhere.
  • Seek out experts for their views.
  • Do your own research.
  • Seek alternative solutions, even when all is well. This gives you fallback positions.
  • Routinely seek opinions from people who have no experience with the subject.
  • Don’t compartmentalize your life. This creates artificial barriers to brilliant solutions.
  • When you have a problem, work like a detective. Ask questions. Look at everything. Follow every lead.
  • Notice and eliminate assumptions. They’re usually wrong.
  • Fire your inner critic. Give ideas time to percolate before assessing them.
  • ‘‘Browse’’ everywhere.
  • Explore new places and types of information.
  • Take different routes in your daily routine.
  • Ask questions of those you encounter: Find out what they do and what else they do.

While going about your business on a day-to-day basis you are extremely focused on the problem. I’m not talking about a laser beam focus. I’m referring to a 360-degree focus, more like a spotlight whose beam widens out. You don’t want to limit yourself. Your focused attention should allow you to be open to any possible solutions that are floating out there.

There’s a quote of CHARLEMAGNE, KING OF THE FRANKS; EMPEROR OF THEWEST that “ To have another language is to possess a second soul”. Learning a foreign language requires focused listening. Understanding the spoken word in the new language is our highest priority, so listening naturally becomes more focused. Jot down in your Personal Brilliance Notebook what this level of concentration feels like. Can you apply this feeling to conversations in your primary language? Learning a foreign language exercises four different areas of learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The added bonus is that you will be armed with the new language when visiting the new country. You can really stretch your innovation muscles then.

You’re going to come up with many ideas and options through your awareness, curiosity, and focus. The fourth catalyst, initiative, is necessary both to allow this process to work and also to ultimately implement the solution. It’s about taking action. This book is about innovation in all of your endeavors and building the habits that will enhance your personal brilliance resulting in frequent innovations. There are four primary behaviors needed to successfully take initiative:

  1. Identifying meaningful internal and external motivators
  2. Aligning goals with personal and professional values
  3. Reducing or allaying fears associated with your goals
  4. Taking the first action step, followed by as many steps as it takes to reach the goal

Each of the four catalysts—awareness, curiosity, focus, and initiative—is invaluable, but when you combine their forces, you will literally astound yourself. However, coming up with a new idea or solving a problem hardly ever occurs by using these catalysts in a linear order, such as first doing this, and then doing that. While it’s possible to be intrigued with an idea, then increasing your awareness, exercising your curiosity about the topic, getting focused, and finally taking action, it’s more likely that two or more of these catalysts will be engaged at the same time. You’ll find that these catalysts work together seamlessly.

With the habit of personal brilliance, you too will use your unique abilities tomake a difference. Awareness and curiosity will illuminate your life, focus will intentionally direct those tremendous light beams, and initiative will push you to do something with all this ingenuity. The synchronicity and momentum created by implementing the awareness, curiosity, focus, and initiative strategies as a group will ensure that you meet your targets much sooner than anticipated. Let’s get started. Use Personal Brilliance to bring increased innovation and value to your future. Enjoy the journey!



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Quote of The Day

Thomas Mann

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